The extractor hood is such an essential element when cooking as the oven or the stove can be. This appliance is capable of absorbing all the smoke, odors and grease that is generated while you are cooking, avoiding the feeling of overwhelm and dirt characteristic of an out-of-control kitchen.

Comparison of angled cooker hoods

Here we present our selection of the 5 best cooker hoods today and we explain which are the most important aspects to take into account when choosing the right model.

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The Best Cooker Hoods 2021

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Price €439,99 €239,99 €209,99 €169,99 €159,99
Model Number CBCB6736G CBCW6736N CBCB6736F CBCB6736C CBCB6736D
Size 60cm 60cm 60cm 60cm 60cm
Extraction power 700m³/h 750 m³/h 650m³/h 370m³/h 370m³/h
Sound Power Level 66dB(A) 66dB(A) 66dB(A) 62dB(A) 66dB(A)
Energy Efficiency Rating
Controll Senor Touch+APP Sensor Touch Sensor Touch Push Button Push Button
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1. CIARRA 60cm Smart Glass Angled Cooker Hood CBCB6736G-OW


This cooker hood up to 700 m³/h air circulation, features 4-speed DC motor state-of-the-art technology, energy efficiency class A+++. The extra-quiet running noise ensures trouble-free cooking comfort, saving energy and cost.

Reasons to Buy

✔️ Energy efficiency rating of A+++, 700m³/h

✔️ It has a boost mode

✔️ One of the quieter hoods on the market DC Motor

✔️ Sensor Touch + WIFI + App

✔️ Free carbon filters 

2. CIARRA Angled Cooker Hood 60cm Touch Control CBCW6736N


CIARRA CBCW6736N is one of the most powerful wall- mounted cooker hoods on the market and also has a great value for money. This stainless steel model is available in white or black andhas an integrated touch control panel protected by a tempered glass front.

Reasons to Buy

✔️ Energy efficiency rating of A, 750m³/h

✔️ One of the most powerful and elegant hoods on the market

✔️ Gear digital display

✔️ Sensor Touch

✔️ Beautiful, stylish design

✔️ Free carbon filters 

3. CIARRA 60cm Glass Angled Cooker Hood With Touch Control CBCB6736F-OW


In terms of value, this cooker hood is up there with the best of them. If you are searching for a chimney cooker hood for comfortably under €300 then you will be surprised to see this efficient, quality cooker hood from Hotpoint fits the bill.

Reasons to Buy

✔️ Energy efficiency rating of A, 650m³/h

✔️ Great value

✔️ Sensor touch

✔️ Free carbon filters 

4.CIARRA 60cm Angled Cooker Hood CBCB6736C-OW


The 60cm range cook hood 370m³/h, features 3-speed motor, removing large amounts of smoke and cooking odors with ease from the air. Angled cooker hood 60cm keep your kitchen fresh & safe to enjoy the time preparing delicious meals for your family.

Reasons to Buy

✔️ Energy efficiency rating of A, 370m³/h

✔️ Beautiful modern design

✔️ Great value - priced at less than €200

✔️ Push button

✔️ Free carbon filters 

5. Hotte murale coudée de 60 cm CIARRA CBCB6736D-OW


Offering three speeds, you can tweak and fine-tune your extraction experience as you wish. There are LED lights fitted to the hood, meaning you can illuminate your cooktop without spending much in the way of energy.

Reasons to Buy

✔️ Energy efficiency rating of A, 370m³/h

✔️ low consumption motor

✔️ Great value - priced at less than €200

✔️ Push button

✔️ Free carbon filters 


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